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29 November 2010 @ 06:50 pm
Waterfall Portal  
First time I've ever done anything like this, so please bear with me.

- Basics

Name: Heather
Nicknames: Laller, Ruko, Rukochan, Mature
Gender: Biological female, identified as female

Five Positive Adjectives: Articulate, artistic, humorous, well read, creative.
Five Negative Adjectives: Temperamental, overly sensitive, procrastinating, self doubting, apathetic.

What is your Zodiac Sign?: Virgo.
Do you believe another Sign fits you better? Why?: I used to see myself as more of a Pisces; I didn't identify as a Virgo because I'm not a prudish neat-freak, and definfitely more artistic than practical. However someone did point out my perfectionist streak when it comes to art and crafting things, so I can see the Virgo influence there. (Also I've discovered that my moon is in Pisces, which explains a lot.)

Hobbies & Interests: The Vidya (video games), comics in any form, books, general nerdy things, baking, dolls, jewelry making.

What are your loves?: Art, history.
What are your dislikes?: Stupid people, and boy are there a lot of 'em.

- Favorites

Season: Spring
Animal: Fox
Scent: Anything fruity
Gem/Stone: Opal
Musician: The Clash, Sweet, Adam and the Ants, Sex Pistols, Blondie, Ramones
Film: Shaun Of The Dead, The Forbidden Zone
Novel: Even Cowgirls Get The Blues, A Night In The Lonesome October, anything by Barrie
Holiday: Halloween
Disney Film: Peter Pan, Lilo & Stitch, The Great Mouse Detective

- Random Questions

Describe your clothing style (be sure to include colors as well): Generally a casual dresser, black pants and basic tops, though I do go for skirts when I'm in the mood. I go for comfort over everything. Lots of green, yellow, browns, and black, though I do sometimes go for magenta and pink and red.
Describe your ideal environment or the place you feel most comfortable: Hanging out at home or a friend's house over coffee or tea with people I care about.
Do you believe you more of a leader, follower, or loner?: Somewhere between follower and loner, If that makes any sense.
What is one of your favorite childhood memories?: Seeing Peter Pan at a drive-in theatre in the 70s (which now tells you how freakin' old I am).
Why do you love the world of Never Land?: The limitless adventure and possibilities.

Select One - Dawn, Afternoon, Evening, Twilight: Afternoon

Do you believe in Fairies?: As an Irish farmer once answered when asked, "No, but they're there anyway, aren't they?"

Make Three Wishes:
I wish for happiness.
I wish to share my creations.
I wish for understanding.

- Pictures I do NOT like being photographed. But here.

At the zoo with some friends this past summer.
Ugh, I have a meatneck. D:

And now ready for the cold months ahead.
I love my new hat. :3
feeling: writin'