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15 January 2010 @ 09:06 pm
Waterfall Portal  

- <b><u>Basics</u></b>

<b>Name:</b>Gwendolyn Tay Joo Ching



<b>Five Positive Adjectives:</b>

<b>Five Negative Adjectives:</b>

<b>What is your Zodiac Sign?:</b>

<b>Do you believe another Sign fits you better? Why?:</b>
 No. Because Leos are good drivers.

<b>Hobbies & Interests:</b>
I like watching and drawing cartoons.
Voice acting is another of my hobby.

<b>What are your loves?:</b>
Disney & Warner Bros. Cartoons.
Tara Strong.</b>
<b>What are your dislikes?:
High school musical and Disney superstars -_-...

- <b><u>Favorites</u></b>



Givenchy Au Demon I guess

Ruby. Cause its Red.

Michelle Branch

D.O.A : Dead Or Alive

I Don't Read Sorry...( NO that's not the title lol )


<b>Disney Film:</b>
The Incredibles. ( It's an Incredible show! )

- <b><u>Random Questions</u></b>

<b>Describe your clothing style (be sure to include colors as well):</b>
Some printed top with jeans. My favourite shirt is the Red superman shirt.

<b>Describe your ideal environment or the place you feel most comfortable:</b>
 An environment that's comfy with cushions so I won't fall and break my teeth.

<b>Do you believe you more of a leader, follower, or loner?:</b>
 Loner. I don't really talk to new people unless necessary. To family, I'm a follower. My bro and Dad leads.

<b>What is one of your favorite childhood memories?: Seeing Disneyland characters when they were in Singapore</b>

<b>Why do you love the world of Never Land?:</b>
Because we never need to grow up.

<b>Select One - Dawn, Afternoon, Evening, Twilight:</b>
None of the above. Night.

<b>Do you believe in Fairies?:</b>
 Hmm yeah, but in a world of my own. Not in this world.

<b>Make Three Wishes:</b>

Family stay bonded.
Becoming a famous voice actress/animator.
To live forever young.

Please vote honestly thanks!
feeling: chipper
princessjen305: Vidiaprincessjen305 on July 28th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)
hard to pick, i'd say Iridessa and Fira