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28 January 2010 @ 07:45 pm
Waterfall Portal  

- Basics

Name: Amanda
Nicknames: Sorahana, Amandar, Sora-chan, Kimichou
Gender: Female

Five Positive Adjectives: energetic, unique, cheerful, friendly, passionate
Five Negative Adjectives: unmotivated, sensitive, random, unrealistic, shy

What is your Zodiac Sign?: Scorpio
Do you believe another Sign fits you better? Why?:

Hobbies & Interests: Photography, having fun, trying new things, eating (lol), baking, fashion

What are your loves?: Manatees, dogs, children, sweets, my friends, my family, my bf
What are your dislikes?: mean people, angry people, stuck up people, arrogance, conceited people, depression, cold weather

- Favorites

Season: Spring
Animal: Manatee
Scent: Cinnamon
Gem/Stone: Opal
Musician: This is a tough one...I'll say Utara Kuru (instrumental stuff)
Film: Lilo and Stitch
Novel: I don't have a favorite novel
Holiday: Christmas
Disney Film: Lilo and Stitch

- Random Questions

Describe your clothing style (be sure to include colors as well): I like to wear jeans, a nice top, and a hoodie. I mainly wear red, brown, blue, and sometimes yellow
Describe your ideal environment or the place you feel most comfortable: Anywhere near the beach is my ideal environment, it feels peaceful and sunny.
Do you believe you more of a leader, follower, or loner?: I'm a follower but my friends usually make me the leader.
What is one of your favorite childhood memories?: Going to DisneyWorld
Why do you love the world of Never Land?: It's magical, colorful, and happy.

Select One - Dawn, Afternoon, Evening, Twilight: Twilight

Do you believe in Fairies?: I'm not sure.

Make Three Wishes:
-I wish for happiness
-I wish to fulfill my dream job (photographer)
-I hope I find a job soon!!

- Pictures
Here, have a picture!

feeling: exhausted
princessjen305: Vidiaprincessjen305 on July 28th, 2010 02:42 am (UTC)