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- pixie hollow -

...beautiful & ethereal...

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If you head toward the second star on your right and fly straight on till morning,
you'll come to Never Land, a magical island where mermaids play and children never grow up.

When you arrive, you might hear something like the tinkling of little bells. Follow that sound and you'll find Pixie Hollow, the secret heart of Never Land.

Welcome to the heart of Never Land...the beautiful PIXIE HOLLOW, home of the magical and talented fairies.

This is a haven for those who are truly fae at heart. Here, you may forget about the troubles "reality" and keep your dreams alive...simply by believing. There is no room for evils here...although the occasional pirate may stop by from time to time. ;)

You may discover what Never Land Fairy you are the most like with the Never Land Fairy Rating application. With so many beautiful and talented fairies, there must be at least one you may relate to! (More on this may be found under the Rules and Ettiquette Section below.

Moderator Fairies: dreaming_faerie & lastunicorn

As with all communities, this one has certain rules that we expect you to follow. As much as we love and adore free spirits, being a bit too free can cause problems...especially with so many different fairy personalities flying about!

Fairy Rating Rules:
1. Actually read the rules. (Of course!)
2. Your application must be behind a LJ-cut.
3. To show you have read the rules, place "Waterfall Portal" as the Subject. (*Random Fact: The Waterfall Portal is what leads to the beautiful Pixie Hollow!)
4. Pictures are not a requirement in this community, but we really would love to know what a lovely fae you are...so they are recommended! If you do not have any photos, however, feel free to describe yourself. (Using photos of other people is not allowed or appropriate for this community. As mentioned, if you do not have photos, just provide a detailed description.)
5. You may vote on other members...even if you have not submitted an application. Remember, this is not just a rating community...so as long as you are an active member, you may vote.
6. Voting will last for 3 days, unless enough votes are given beforehand. If you do not recieve enough votes within the 3 days, or if there is a tie, the mods shall make a Notice for members to focus on your application.
7. As for the photos...you may dress up or wear as much make-up as you like, as long as you are not dressed up like any of the Never Land Fairies. (*Random Note: Fairy photos are greatly loved...so if you have pictures of yourself as a beautiful fae, please, feel free to share!)
8. Do not screen your votes. We do understand that sometimes copying does happen, but for this community, please leave your votes unscreened.

Graphic & Misc. Rules:
1. Yes, this community absolutely loves icons and graphics...so share your creations as much as you would like! Layouts, friends only banners, profile images, and more may be posted.
2. Fan Art is also a major plus...however, if you share any of your original fan-art, place a disclaimer somewhere in your post on whether or not it may be used for graphics and that sort. (And how one would go about giving you credit for your work.)
3. If you post any Fan Art that is not yours, be sure you give proper credit to the artist. This certainly shows proper fairy ettiquette. <3
4. Make sure that all art is appropriate! (This means no nudity, sexual tones, etc.) If any art is found to be completely unappropriate, it will be deleted from this community.
5. As with Fan Art, Fan Fiction is also great recommended. However, the same rules apply: appropriate content and proper credit.

Application: Copy & Paste Form Below.

The Fairies:

Beck - The sweet, kind hearted, and practical Animal Fairy. While she tends to be shy around the other fairies, Beck is more than comfortable and spunky around her animal friends. She is also quite curious, loves to explore, and even secretly wishes she was an animal herself.

Bess - The artistic, optimistic, and colorful Art Fairy. Bess is very creative and is able to find inspiration from just about everything. However, she tends to become quite involved in her art and doesn't always realize how messy she can be.

Fawn - The playful, fun loving, and silly Animal Fairy. Out of all the Never Land Fairies, Fawn is probably the most mischevious and enjoys playing pranks on her friends. She is also the authority on healing animals with pixie dust.

Fira - The confident, lively, and glamourous Light Fairy. As the star of the Light Shows, Fira loves to perform and take center stage. She also enjoys making Shadow Puppets and training the fireflies who light up Never Land.

Iridessa - The bright, shining, and clever Light Fairy. Intelligent Iridessa loves to constantly learn new things and share them with her friends...although there isn't much that she doesn't already know! She also loves to arrange the stars in the night sky.

Iris - The warm, pretty, and talkative Garden Fairy. Although she is a fairy of plants and flowers, Iris is a very talented writer who loves to collect information for her books. However, she can come off a bit smug and nosy at times because of this...but she truly is a kind soul.

Lily - The kind, patient, and gentle Garden Fairy. Lily is the most motherly of the Fairies and is known for her caring nature not only towards her friends, but her plants as well. She loves being barefoot and tends to spend most of her time in her garden among her plants and flowers.

Prilla - The newest Fairy of Never Land with her own special talent...keeping children's belief in Fairies! Prilla is very energetic, faithful, enthusiastic, and will try anything. Also, as the youngest Fairy, she does not like feeling left out...and she always gives others a chance as well.

Queen Ree - The elegant, caring, and wise Queen of the Fairies. Although her true name is Clarion, all the Fairies simply call her "Ree". She is loved and adored by all, except for perhaps Vidia, for her strong leadership, fair nature, and nobility.

Rani - The emotional, sensitive, and dreamy Water Fairy. While she is rather naive and cries quite easily, Rani is also a great leader and loves taking charge. She is also the only Fairy without wings...she sacrificed them to help save Never Land. Rani also has a deep love for water and wishes to be a mermaid.

Rosetta - The graceful, friendly, and lovely Garden Fairy. Rosetta absolutely loves to dress up and is quite the social butterfly of the Never Land Fairies. (She always seems to know what is going on.) Rosetta is also known to tell her plants wonderful bed time stories.

Silvermist - The beautiful, sweet, and caring Water Fairy. Though a bit quiet, the other Fairies know they may always go to Silvermist for advice. She is very helpful and gives everything a lot of thought. Silvermist also loves the calm waters, but can be playful as well!

Terence - The generous, handsome, and friendly Dust Sparrow Man. Terence is good friends with Beck and also seems to have a huge crush on the sassy Tinker Bell. He has a pretty calm personality and always wants to do what is right. Terence is always glittering as well from his talent involving the Pixie Dust.

Tinker Bell - The sassy and brave Pots and Pan Fairy. Tinker Bell is the most adventurous and daring of the Never Land Fairies. Although she is known to have a bit of a temper, she truly loves her friends and would do anything for them. Her heart also seems to belong to a certain boy who refuses to grow up...

Vidia - The determined and opinionated Fast Flying Fairy. Unlike the others, Vidia is known for being a somewhat beautiful but mean spirited Fairy. However, she is really just logical, distant, and perhaps a bit misunderstood. Vidia is also the fastest Fairy in Never Land.

You may view the stamps here - http://community.livejournal.com/pixiehollow/1404.html

If you would like to affliate with this community, be sure to leave a comment at the following location: http://community.livejournal.com/pixiehollow/655.html

We ask that your community be either related to the Disney Fairies, Fairies in general, Peter Pan and/or Never Land, or Disney. Also, rating communities of any kind are very much welcome to be an affliate...we very much enjoy making new friends!

disney_faeries - Livejournal's First Disney Fairy Community!
(Lots of nice information and scans posted quite often...)

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Pixie Hollow Banners:
If you would like, feel free to use one of our banners to help promote this community! Spread the pixie love by placing a banner in your profile...or in promotional posts in either your own journal or other communities. <3


*images used in the banners and icons have either been scanned from the books or are from the offical Disney Fairy website which may be found at: http://disneyfairies.com